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WRZiT is on a mission to produce the first comprehensive map of KL bus routes. To realize this, we have devised a plan to equip commuters with a mobile plotting app capable of capturing bus routes in real-time.

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  • Thousands of people depend on public buses every day, but have little information on the available bus routes. Providing this information via our product increases accessibility of our transit, and serves as a model for public transport information for townships across Malaysia.

    • What Is The End Product of This Activity?

      1 . Updated KL bus routes
      2 . WRZiT's main datasets ready
      3 . Increased level of app accuracy

    • What Do We Want You To Do?

      1 . Signup to participate
      2 . Plot assigned bus routes
      3 . Tag bus stops along journey

    This data-collection strategy is GTFS compatible, and readies our app to benefit public bus commuters. The captured data will improve WRZiT’s effectiveness in finding out where and when to catch that bus from mobile devices.

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